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Plytelių pjaustymo staklės Yato 500mm, YT-3706

  • Plytelių pjaustymo staklės Yato 500mm, YT-3706

    Kodas: 5906083937064
  • YG6X peiliukas
    Pjovimo ilgis [mm] 500
    Maksimalus storis plokštės [mm] 16

    Professional instrument for cutting tiles with a maximum cutting length of 500 mm The worktop has been covered with a soft foam, which allows precise and accurate breaking of the tile. A single profiled guide guarantees stable and precise work. The exact graduation allows you to precisely cut a specific width of the tile.
    The blade is made of YG6X cemented carbide.

    For cutting ceramic tiles

    Gross weight (kg) 7.2500
    Length [mm] 650
    Cutting length [mm] 500
    Max. Plate thickness [mm] 16
    Dimensions [mm] 650x200