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Kuprinė nešti naminiui gyvūnui PETKIT Green

  • Kuprinė nešti naminiui gyvūnui PETKIT Green

    Kodas: 388122
    Lizingo skaičiuoklės
    • sbl
    • ml
    2-3 d. d. (jeigu nėra sandėlyje, 4-8 sav.)
  • Kuprinė nešti naminiui gyvūnui PETKIT Green 

    • Pakuotės gylis (mm) 340.00 mm
    • Pakuotės aukštis (mm) 440.00 mm
    • Pakuotės plotis (mm) 195.00 mm
    • Gyvūnams iki 8 kg.
    • Kitos savybės Quiet built-in fan and multiple air vents. control the light to light up slowly, help your pet see its surroundings, and also help you check on your pet. adjust the appropriate wind speed according to the environment, avoid too cold or too hot. translucent material not only protect against uv rays, but also block harsh light and prevent pet from getting stressed outside. blind zone allows timid pets to hide at any time and provides a quiet place to rest. comfortable soft padded back design with thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding, provide strong support for your back.
    • Modelio pavadinimas Breezy2