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Ilgintuvas su būgnu 40 m ilgio kabelis 3x2,5mm2

  • Ilgintuvas su būgnu 40 m ilgio kabelis 3x2,5mm2

    Kodas: YT-8107
    Lizingo skaičiuoklės
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    Spalva raudona
    Lizdų skaičius 4
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    įžeminimas Yra
    Ilgis [m] 40

    Product description
    Professional extension cord for use in services, workshops and construction sites. Equipped with a metal frame, where a thick 10mm (3-core) cable is wound. The cable has a thick rubber insulation. A rubber grip is attached to the rack for easy transport. 4-socket extension cord with grounded and self-closing lids that allow multiple devices to be connected simultaneously; It also has a thermal fuse.
    Technical data
    Index number YT-8107
    EAN 5906083981074
    Brand Yato
    PCS unit
    Gross Weight (kg) 10.0000
    Master Carton MC 2
    Pal 24
    Black Colour
    Number of slots 4
    Type of drum extension
    Yes ground
    Length [m] 40
    Wire cross section 2.5
    Number of wires [pcs] 3
    Type of insulation RR-F
    Degree of protection [IP] 44