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Galvučių ir įrankių rinkinys Yato 1/2"+1/4" 94 vnt, 12-kampės

  • Galvučių ir įrankių rinkinys Yato 1/2"+1/4" 94 vnt, 12-kampės

    Kodas: YT-12682
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     Indekso numeris YT-12682
    EAN 5906083126826
    Gamintojas YATO
    12- kampės galvutės
    [mm] 10-32 (1/2 ") 4-14 (1/4")
    Medžiaga CrV, CrV50BV30, CrV6150
    elementų [vnt.] 94
    Dydis 1/2 "+ 1/4"

    Product description
    A professional tool kit that has been developed for the needs of specialized automotive and mechanical services. The socket wrenches and the drive motors are made of durable, chrome-vanadium steel CrV 50BV3. The twelve-row nozzles were made by die forging, and before calendering they were calibrated by means of precision gauges and control devices. The kit is designed for extremely heavy workloads and precision work, allowing you to perform a variety of servicing operations involving unscrewing and screwing of threaded connections of different nominal sizes. Rattles have a three-component grip and 72 teeth (work stroke 5 degrees).

    94PCS; 1/2" <(>&<)> 1/4"; ALL SOCKETS: 12PT, MATERIAL: CRV 50BV30, 2 TONE WITH LATHE KNURLING, 1/2''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 38/42MM, 18PCS (YT-1272 - 10MM/ YT-1273 - 11MM/ YT-1274 - 12MM/ YT-1275 - 13MM/ YT-1276 - 14MM/ YT-1277 - 15MM/ YT-1278 - 16MM/ YT-1279 - 17MM/ YT-1280 - 18MM/ YT-1281 - 19MM/ YT-1282 - 20MM/ YT-1283 - 21MM/ YT-1284 - 22MM/ YT-1285 - 23MM/ YT-1286 - 24MM/ YT-1289 - 27MM/ YT-1291 - 30MM/ YT-1292 - 32MM), 1/4''DR. REGULAR, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 25MM, 13PCS 4MM/ 4.5MM/ 5MM/ 5.5MM/ 6MM/ 7MM/ 8MM/ 9MM/ 10MM/ 11MM/ 12MM/ 13MM/ 14MM); 1/2"DR. DEEP, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 76MM, 4PCS (14MM/ 15MM/ 17MM/ 19MM), 1/4"DR. DEEP, DIN 3121, AS-DRIVE, LENGTH: 50MM, 8PCS (6MM/ 7MM/ 8MM/ 9MM/ 10MM/ 11MM/ 12MM/ 13MM); EXTENSION BAR 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 127MM (YT-1247), 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 254MM (YT-1248), 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 50.8MM (YT-1429), 1/4''DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 101.6MM (YT-1431); THREE WAY JOINT 3/8"(F)x1/2"(M), CRV 50BV30; FLEXIBLE EXTENSION BAR 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 150MM, CRV6140 (YT-1400); UNIVERSAL JOINT 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT-1252), 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30 (YT- 1437); SPARK PLUG SOCKET 1/2"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 64MM, 16MM (YT- 1253), 21MM (YT-1254); SLIDING T-BAR 1/4"DR., CRV 50BV30, LENGTH: 152.4MM (YT-1426); CURVED RATCHET HANDLE WITH TPR HANDLE 1/2"DR., LENGTH: 255MM, CRV6140 (YT-0732), 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 155MM, CRV6140 (YT- 0730); SPINNER HANDLE 1/4"DR., LENGTH: 150MM, CRV 50BV30 (YT-1427); BIT ADAPTER 1/2"x5/16", CRV6140 (YT-1295); BIT ADAPTER 1/4"x1/4", LENGTH: 25MM, CRV6140 (YT-1297); SCREWDRIVER BITS 5/16", S2, LENGTH: 30MM, 15PCS (SL: YT-7893 - 8MM/ 10MM/ 12MM/; PH: YT-7896 - PH3/ PH4/; PZ: PZ3/ PZ4/; TORX: YT-7903 - T40/ YT-7904 - T45/ YT-7905 - T50/ YT-7906 - T55/; HEX: YT-7923 - 8MM/ 10MM/ 12MM/ 14MM); BIT SOCKETS 1/4"DR., AISI S2/ CRV6150, LENGTH: 37MM, 17PCS (SL: YT-7679 - 4MM/ YT-7680 - 5.5MM/ 7MM/; PH: YT- 7673 - PH1/ YT-7674 - PH2/; PZ: YT-7676 - PZ1/ YT-7677 - PZ2/; TORX: YT- 7660 - T8/ YT-7661 - T10/ YT-7662 - T15/ YT-7663 - T20/ YT-7664 - T25/ YT-7665 - T30/; HEX: YT-7667 - 3MM/ YT-7668 - 4MM/ YT-7669 - 5MM/ YT- 7670 - 6MM); HEX KEY CRV 6150, 3PCS (1.5, 2, 2.5MM)