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Balansinė pusiausvyros pagalvė inSPORTline Bumy BC400 33cm

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  • Massage Balance Trainer inSPORTline Bumy BC400 is designed to massage acupressure points located on the soles of your feet. By massaging them, you stimulate your immune system and blood circulation, activate nerve endings and zones that have a beneficial influence on the proper functioning of your internal organs. Massage Balance Trainer inSPORTline Bumy BC400 also contributes to the development of movement coordination, engaging and strengthening of deep stabilizing muscles, which are otherwise very difficult to strengthen. Balance training helps to relieve stress, muscle tension and imbalance. The various balance exercising methods lead to eliminating back pain, joint pain and strengthen your body. You can use the balance pad when sitting in front of a computer, at a desk job or as a training accessory.

    Technical description:

    • Diameter: 33 cm
    • Height: 16 cm
    • Weight: 1.2 kg
    • Weight limit: 200 kg
    • Material: PVC
    • Suitable for fitness exercises and relaxation
    • Light massage and stimulation
    • Flexible anti-slip surface
    • Use: exercising while lying down, standing up and also a tool for proper seating